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Author Maggie Maxfield

Stepuli Chronicles: The Souls of Men

Stepuli Chronicles: The Souls of Men

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Jack and Stasia are on the run.

Jack never thought getting out from under the government's thumb was possible. Now that he
has, he would destroy the Earth itself to protect Stasia and his family. Keeping them together
and safe is a difficult task when a secret organization is gunning for them. His family and his
species are counting on him, but securing them first means putting them at greater risk.
They escaped, but can they stay free?

Stasia spent her life searching for the missing piece to complete her. What she found turned her
entire life and understanding of the world upside down. The only thing she knows for sure is that
people need to know what the Stepuli Eugenics Program is hiding. Stasia’s fight to keep herself
and her new family alive means running headfirst into danger.

She must stay alive long enough to tell the world that not only do aliens exist, they live among them.
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