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Author Maggie Maxfield

Stepuli Chronicles: The Tracks We Leave

Stepuli Chronicles: The Tracks We Leave

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When nothing is what it seems...

Stasia is a woman unmoored. Abandoned as a baby, she has little sense of who she is or where she belongs in the world. Seeking the answers, she jumps at a job opportunity in Washington. There, she meets Jack, a mysterious neighbor who is raising his younger sister and brother. Stasia is charmed by the family next door but finds their walls may be too high to climb.

Jack is fighting against the mysterious US government organization trying to bury him and his family. Born to an alien heritage, he works against a corrupt treaty to raise his sister and brother the best he can. When a human neighbor moves in next door, he feels his families secret, and freedom, are threatened.

Jack and Stasia soon learn their similarities may eclipse their differences. That they may be exactly what the other needs.

And the government will learn the unfathomable lengths both humans and aliens will go to for those they love.

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